Report: Hillary Broke Promise To Disclose Clinton Foundation Donors

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Clinton Foundation officials admit that they broke former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s promise to disclose all donors to the global charity, Reuters reports.

In 2008, Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton promised to disclose all donors to avoid any potential conflicts of interest before she joined the Obama administration as Secretary of State. But Reuters discovered that as early as 2010, the Clinton Foundation’s Health Access Initiative (CHAI) stopped making annual disclosures. (VIDEO: Hillary Clinton: Let’s Put Adults In Camps To Fix America’s ‘Fun Deficit’)

“At the outset, the Clinton Foundation did indeed publish what they said was a complete list of the names of more than 200,000 donors and has continued to update it,” writes Reuters’ Jonathan Allen. “But in a breach of the pledge, the charity’s flagship health program, which spends more than all of the other foundation initiatives put together, stopped making the annual disclosure in 2010…”

Reuters also noted that there appears to be serious questions about whether or not the State Department honored Hillary’s promise to review any donations made to CHAI by foreign governments. “The State Department said it was unable to cite any instances of its officials reviewing or approving new money from any foreign governments,” Allen notes. “[CHAI spokeswoman Maura] Daley confirmed that none of the seven government donations had been submitted to the State Department for review.

A number of foreign governments donated to CHAI after officials stopped making disclosures. The most donations came from Australia, Ireland, Norway, and the UK, but donations also poured in from countries with questionable human rights records, including Cameroon, Swaziland, Rwanda, and Lesotho.

[h/t Reuters]

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