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Secret Service Erased White House Surveillance Tapes Of Agents Driving Drunk

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After all, it’s called the Secret Service.

Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner:

The Secret Service told members of Congress that the majority of the surveillance videos documenting the latest allegations of misconduct, a March 4 crash at the White House, have been erased and that the destruction of the tapes is standard operating procedure.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy showed him two existing surveillance tapes of that night, when two Secret Service agents have been accused of bumping into a White House barricade while driving after a night of drinking, but they offered only severely limited views of the sequence of events that night…

Clancy, in a closed-door session Tuesday, told Chaffetz and other members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that it’s normal policy for the agency to erase surveillance tapes of the White House grounds after 72 hours.

It’s a good idea to erase the tapes after 72 hours. Tapes are really expensive, and the Obama administration is notoriously frugal. Plus, Biden needs them to tape Full House on Nick At Nite because he goes to bed super-early.

As for why Clancy had two of the tapes from an incident that happened weeks ago, when he’s claiming it’s policy to erase them after 72 hours… Ehhhh. Who cares? It’s just the Secret Service. Everybody else in Washington deletes incriminating evidence these days, so why pick on them? Let ’em drive drunk, bang hookers, build an $8 million replica White House where they can sleep it off train to be even more awesome… whatever they want.

The palace is utterly corrupt, so why should the palace guard be any different? Shut up and keep paying your taxes, peasants.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)