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Surveillance Footage Shows Armed 84-Year-Old Man Sending His Attacker Running For The Hills [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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An armed 84-year-old Tulsa man said he was nearly forced to “ventilate” his attacker when he made a threatening move towards his wife during a robbery attempt on Monday.

Doug Jandebeur had just walked outside of his business, Jandebeur and Co., and opened the door to his truck when a man approached from behind and ordered, “Don’t turn around, don’t turn around.”

Jandebeur said he thought it was one of his friends playing a trick on him, but soon realized the man behind him was serious.

“I felt him take my billfold out and he head over to the door where my wife was,” Jandebeur told KOTV.

Video surveillance taken from a nearby business showed the entire scene unfold. Jandebeur’s attacker was seen milling around outside for hours before the attack. The footage also showed him approach Jandebeur, punch him in the face and then pause as he appeared to look inside Jandebeur’s business where his wife was.

But the video then shows the robber bolt from his position and sprint off camera.

What happened?

“I pulled out my automatic and was getting ready to ventilate him,” Jandebeur said.

“Once he saw my gun he decided it’s time to leave.”

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Surveillance video (Screengrab via KOTV)

Surveillance video (Screengrab via KOTV)

Jandebeur told KOTV he wasn’t too shaken by the incident. He has worked in ranching and survived two plane crashes.

But the incident provided a good reminder, Jandebeur said:

“Anybody that doesn’t arm themselves is asking for trouble.”

Video surveillance of Doug Jandebeur's attacker (Screengrab via KOTV)

Video surveillance of Doug Jandebeur’s attacker (Screengrab via KOTV)

Jandebeur owns an investment company and has been around motorcycle racing and in the aviation industry for nearly six decades, according to an interview he gave to Explore Tulsa last year.

Reached by The Daily Caller, Jandebeur said that the gun he had on him was “a little .25 automatic.”

Asked if he’d ever been in a self-defense situation like the one he faced Monday, he said “first time. Unbelievable.”

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