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The Only People Who Care About #Emailghazi Are Strong Supporters Of Hillary Clinton

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Nice try, teabaggers. Once again, you tried to whip up a big controversy over nothing. And once again, you fell on your faces and cried like little babies. “Waaaahhhh, I hate women! Waaaahhhh, I think that laws should apply to people who tell liberals what they want to hear! WAAAAHHHH!!!”

You have failed. Watch, learn, and shut up:

It’s over, teahadis. Nobody cares about some stupid e-mails. Um, I’m pretty sure that everybody has e-mail, right? It’s 2015, you morons. So what if Hillary used e-mail while she was Secretary of State? Big deal.

You will vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. And there is no woman in the United States who’s better qualified to be president than she is. After all, she’s a woman. Also, she married a guy who went on to become president, because she’s a woman.*

You will vote for her. You will praise her. Anything else is hate speech.

(Hat tip: Noah Rothman)

*Not that she shouldn’t have been allowed to marry a woman who went on to become president, of course.