Who Will Be Named Pork King And Queen At This Year’s COCHON555?

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Something both good and American is actually happening in D.C. on Sunday.

In a world with a growing number of gluten allergies, dairy phobias, and vegetarians, The Daily Caller is rocking a festival everyone is hungry for.

COCHON555 deems itself a “traveling culinary competition and tasting event,” and is a party that showcases what the nation has to offer. Ten regional events — and 11 tons of pork — lead up to the national competition. Or about two pounds of pig for every attendee. I plan to eat three.

Five judges will compete in Washington, D.C. this weekend to see who’s cooking the best barbecue. Jeffrey Buben, Spike Mendelsohn, Danny Lee, Victor Albisu and Jonah Kim will cook and compete together to promote raising heritage pork, meaning pigs that are raised the old-fashioned way. Heritage pork is pretty awesome, really. It means an old American pure-bred pig that — get this — is now, or once was, endangered. Delicious, delicious endangerment. (RELATED: Foie Gras Is For Heroes)

And TheDC will be there to taste and drink it all in.

(Photo: COCHON555)

(Photo: COCHON555)

Heritage breeds are on the upswing these days. They were popular back before World War II, and you don’t see them around as much because it isn’t as cost-efficient to raise them. But the bottom line is they taste better because they’re raised better: slowly and outside, on family farms in the U.S.

The judges will make six dishes each in hopes of being named pork king or queen. We all get to judge. Or at least eat and drink.

(Photo: COCHON555)

(Photo: COCHON555)

(Photo: COCHON555)

(Photo: COCHON555)

In addition to the pigs, COCHON555 will feature pop-up butcher shops, tapas bars, wines, brews and spirits.

The weekend kicks off with a five-course meal on Friday, a meat-feast on Saturday and judgment day happens Sunday. COCHON555 takes place this weekend at Union Market. Buy tickets, meaning endless food and drink, here.

We look forward to eating until we sweat pork and drinking until our veins pump beer. And wine, wine too. So come on down and look for me, Bedford and Grae (that’s the guy in all black with the camera and the pork-stained t-shirt) (and a Superman belt).

Kaitlan Collins