Chuck Todd: White House Officials Pushing for UN Acceptance Of Palestine [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd said on MSNBC’s “Now w/Alex Wagner” that his sources say that some White House officials are only pressing for the United States to back Palestinian statehood at the United Nations in response to the frayed relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

GUEST HOST ARI MELBER: Chuck, you follow these things closely and you know a lot of people at the White House. In your view, is this the toughest it’s been in this relationship in the Obama era, even tougher perhaps than right after the address?

TODD: It’s definitely the toughest. It’s not anywhere close. I mean right now, you have people inside the White House in the administration that are very much calling for the U.S. to support potential — any sort of U.N. action that might recognize an independent Palestine or that might try to attempt to jump start and force a two-state solution in a way that – U.N. involvement is something the United States has prevented for quite some time. And now you have basically a divided White House internally on this question.

I think it is a generational divide when it comes to these things. I think some of the older folks in the White House are saying, ‘hey, it is about Israel, not about an individual, so let things wait.’ But look, it’s not good. And I think that’s why Netanyahu tried to backtrack as fast as he did.

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