Herman Cain Mocks Starbucks’ ‘Drive-Thru Race Relations’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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African-American businessman and former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain mocked Starbucks’ decision to have their baristas discuss race relations with customers on Fox Business’ “Varney & Company,” calling it unhelpful “drive-thru race relations.”

“You ran Godfather’s Pizza,” host Stuart Varney noted. “Would you have your delivery people talking about race with your customers while they were delivering a pie? Would you have done that?”

“No,” he responded. “And here’s why; the mainstream media have brought us drive-by race relations. Do not believe it.”

“Now we have drive-thru race relations coming from Starbucks,” Cain said. “It does not work. That is like me saying I want to go talk with my auto mechanic about brain surgery. It makes no sense.” (RELATED: Don’t Feel Guilty Enough About Your White Privilege, White People? Go To Starbucks!)

“I think that the idea is a good one, but he picked the wrong tactic in order to stir discussions of race relations in America,” Cain concluded. “Race relations in America, Stuart, ought to start with you and the people around you. The people you work with, the people that you’re friends with, the people in your community. That is where real race relations ought to be discussed.”

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Herman Cain Mocks Starbucks ‘Drive-Thru Race Relations’