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Marco Rubio Schools Obama On Israel

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The Democrats are stuck with one presidential candidate in 2016. While she totters around covering up the latest evidence of her lies and criminality (taking a quick break to say stupid things for money), one possible Republican candidate is showing us how a real leader is supposed to behave.

Yesterday, on the floor of the United States Senate, Marco Rubio made an informed, articulate, and impassioned defense of the State of Israel. The following 15 minutes tell you everything you need to know about why Israel is so important, and why those are the very same reasons Obama hates Israel so much:

“This is a historic and tragic mistake. Israel is not a Republican or Democratic issue. If this was a Republican president doing these things, I would give the exact same speech. In fact, I would be even angrier. This is outrageous, it is irresponsible, it is dangerous, and it betrays the commitment this nation has made to the right of a Jewish state to exist in peace.”

Obama would rather see Jerusalem engulfed in a nuclear fireball than admit he’s wrong. If Rubio wants to take his place in the White House, this is a good first step.

Oh wait, never mind: Rubio drinks water. LOL! You’re on your own, Israel.

(Hat tip: Free Beacon)