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Rape-Hoaxer Lena Dunham: ‘There’s Nothing Anti-Feminist About Being Healthy’

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If I were to make a list of all the things that are wrong with Lena Dunham, her weight would be dead last. She would still be an awful human being even if she were thinner. And now, apparently, she’s trying to be. Thinner, that is.

Maggie Parker, People:

“I don’t think anyone’s gonna be like, ‘You look so good it’s ruined my life,'” she told PEOPLE of her recent exercise kick. “There’s nothing anti-feminist about being healthy…”

“I’m just exercising to be a person who will live past 50,” she says.

I’m not sure who thinks Lena Dunham is ruining their lives by improving her health, but I’m glad she’s disregarding them. It’s bizarre to think you’d have to make excuses for it, but that’s the little world she lives in and helps perpetuate.

Also, she falsely accused a man of rape, and now she refuses to apologize or even acknowledge her wrongdoing. So there’s that.

But at least now she gets to buy new clothes. Yay!

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(Hat tip: Katherine Timpf)