O’Reilly Grills Glenn Beck On Leaving The GOP [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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It’s official: Bill O’Reilly isn’t buying what Glenn Beck is selling.

Days after Beck announced he was “done” with the Republican Party, “The O’Reilly Factor” host challenged the conservative radio host, telling him “I don’t believe you’re leaving” the GOP.

O’Reilly made the comments to TheBlaze host after Beck seemingly came out in support of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Monday announcement that he will be running for the White House in 2016.

“I don’t believe you are leaving the Republican Party,” O’Reilly told Beck from the outset, “because you like Ted Cruz. You are going to vote for Ted Cruz if he gets the nomination.”

“Oh my gosh I would vote for Ted Cruz, but that’s different than the party.”

“I think he is running as a Republican, Beck,” O’Reilly told the radio host. “Did anyone break that to you?”

“I know. But is he running as a principled Republican, so I would give my money to him. I’m not just giving my money to the party anymore because the party right now, is attacking people like Ted Cruz. There are more slings and arrows coming from the Republican Party against Ted Cruz than there is outside of the Republican Party.”

O’Reilly told Beck, formerly of Fox News, that the party needs to come together to win, insinuating that Beck’s rhetoric is driving people away from consolidating the party around a singular candidate against Hillary Clinton.

Beck went on to list his complaints against the GOP, telling O’Reilly that a conservative is the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton. Beck also told O’Reilly that he is currently considering throwing his support behind Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul.