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Sally Kohn Literally Goes Bowling For Abortion

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN liberal commentator Sally Kohn‘s mind is in the gutter.

And you can take that any way it sounds.

But specifically, I mean that she’s bowling so that others may have abortions. As in women who can’t otherwise afford the procedure.

Kohn’s goal for the National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon is $2000. So far, she’s raised $110 — $10 of which came out of her own wallet. The other $100 was an anonymous donor. I mean, who wouldn’t be proud to donate to a widespread abortion fund?

Just in case you want to vent, forget it. Go take your anti-bowling for abortion thoughts someplace else. She has a little note for your type at the bottom of her page that reads as follows:

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A guy on Twitter razzed her hard, saying, “How nice. A fundraiser that will provide $$$ to murder inconvenient baby humans. Many of them female no doubt.”

Liberal comedian Lizz Winstead intervened. “That’s illegal,” she wrote.

Kohn is dead (no pun intended) serious about her fundraising. She retweeted her critic and announced, “Donate to counter this guy!”

Now you may be wondering to yourselves — why? And what is a lovely-sounding abortion bowl-a-thon?

The Bowl-a-Thon, according to a friendly, cheery explanation on the site, “is a nationwide series of local events that allows community members [you!] to captain your own bowling teams, participate in a kickass national event – and raise money to help pay for abortions in your community with your friendly neighborhood abortion fund.”

They continue, “For the 6th year in a row, abortion funds from across the country are raising money to make reproductive rights a reality for women who can’t afford to pay for an abortion—and this year we plan to break the fundraising records!”

So far the group has raised $206,708. Their goal is $600,000.

Kohn and her team members — Molly Austin and Sean Canady — offer an explanation on why they’re doing this.


I’m bowling because I believe that everyone should have access to the abortions they need, regardless of how much money they have.

Because of unfair and unnecessary laws, safe and legal abortions can be out of reach of those who don’t have the money to pay for them. I don’t think that’s right, so I’m doing something about it. I’m bowling to break down barriers to abortion access.

I’m lacing up my shoes and polishing my bowling ball to raise money for my local abortion fund, the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF).

You can help me hit my goal, and together, we can make an immediate difference with real impact.

Join me!

Newsbusters is also on Kohn’s ass for this.

Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, makes you feel warm all over, doesn’t it?