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Ha Ha, Ted Cruz Has To Comply With A Law He Wants To Repeal, Ha Ha Ha

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“Surely Senate Democrats can provide better evidence that a law #works than the fact that people with large public profiles comply with it.”

So says Jim Antle. Check out his must-read piece about the long-term thinkers who are crowing about Ted Cruz complying with Obamacare, “even though” he wants to repeal it.

I don’t have anything to add to Antle’s take, except for the barrage of tweets I’ve already fired off at these geniuses. So here you go:

This is a good line of attack, totalitarians. Smugly mocking people for obeying an unpopular law they want to repeal? That simply cannot backfire.

And now that Cruz has signed up for Obamacare, he’s sure to use his public platform to tell everybody how great it is for him and his family, right?


Hello? Guys? Where’d you go?

Update: Never mind, everybody, Obamacare is awesome!