New York Times Wonders If Bergdahl Will Get An Honorable Discharge

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl may be charged with desertion and two other crimes by a military court, but The New York Times’ article on the new charges wonders if he might still receive an honorable discharge. (RELATED: A Dozen Parisians Dead: RADICAL MUSLIMS Hit Hardest, Says New York Times)

“Another question is whether the Army will give Sergeant Bergdahl an honorable discharge if he is found guilty of desertion,” the piece by reporter Helene Cooper reads, “For members of the military, an honorable discharge is no small matter, and not getting one can hinder not only a veteran’s job prospects, but the entirety of how a service memberlook [sic] back on his or her career.”

Meanwhile, The New York Times caught flak on Twitter for claiming that “there appears to be little desire to see him serve time.” The actual article claims that Defense Department officials have little desire to see Berghdal behind bars, a fact that didn’t translate well into 140 characters.

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