WaPo To Ben Carson: Obama’s Not A Psychopath!

Scott Greer Contributor
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The Washington Post doesn’t like Ben Carson declaring President Barack Obama a “psychopath” and gave the neurosurgeon and potential 2016 candidate a stern finger-wagging Wednesday.

WaPo’s Hunter Schwarz bemoaned Carson participating in an “unfortunately routine part of our political landscape” when he called Obama a psychopath in a GQ profile published Tuesday and took it upon himself to find out if the president could actually be clinically diagnosed as one. (RELATED: Ben Carson President Obama Is A ‘Psychopath’)

Schwarz interviewed two psychologists who determined that Obama is not technically a psychopath, nor is he a “charming sociopath” in their opinion — which the WaPo writer urged his readers to “try not to act too surprised” by these conclusions.

This is how one of the psychologists, Deborah Stokes, described a “charming sociopath.”

“They lure people in with their charisma,” Stokes told the Post. “We see that with politicians, with cult figures and so forth… you have to be a little bit self-centered.”

But the WaPo writer declared that Carson, a doctor, “misdiagnosed” and reflected the tone of the article in the headline: “Ben Carson doesn’t really know what a ‘psychopath’ is.”