Jon Hamm Finally Speaks Out About His Time In Rehab

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Jon Hamm surprised many Tuesday when he confirmed that he completed a 30-day stint in rehab for alcohol addiction—revealing that he was more like his character Don Draper than we thought.

Now, the 44-year-old has broken his silence about his time spent at a rehab facility in Connecticut.

“Life throws a lot at you sometimes and you have to deal with it as much as you can,” the actor said in an interview.

“That’s why you have family and friends and co-workers to help you with that.”

His character on the show that premiered in 2007 is the flawed, womanizing Don Draper, who is no stranger to heavy drinking or drugs. When asked if playing the infamous Draper was a factor in his real life addiction, Hamm didn’t have much to say. (RELATED: Don Draper Just Got Out Of Rehab)

Jon Hamm at the "Mad Men" premiere Wednesday night. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jon Hamm at the “Mad Men” premiere Wednesday night. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Obviously there can be a lot of discussion about how much of this is related to that and honestly I don’t have much to say about that either.”

“I’ve said in varying ways that acting can be a difficult endeavour, certainly not as difficult as the recent example I used of being a baby heart surgeon. But, it does present its own challenges and so does life.”

But Hamm said he’s had a lot of support.

“I’ve had a lot of family and friends support me.”

The final episodes of “Mad Men” premiere on AMC in April.

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