Mark Steyn: Obama Administration Has A ‘Visceral Dislike Of Israel’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, conservative commentator Mark Steyn remarked that the Obama administration has a “visceral dislike” of Israel, adding that the Iran is apparently America’s newest ally.

MARK STEYN: At the moment, we’ve just started lending air support to our allies, the Iranians, in the fight to take back Tikrit in Iraq. That operation is being directed by an Iranian general, and the United States Air Force is basically serving as Iran’s air force for the purposes of that operation. Meanwhile, down south in Yemen, we’re providing support to our other allies, the Saudi’s, as they go into Yemen to take on the allies of our first allies, the Iranians…This is like foreign policy madlibs, the enemy of my ally is my ally. The ally of my ally is my enemy. This doesn’t make sense any which way you do it. Unless you look at it this way: generally speaking, if you look at what the president is doing, and you figure that it’s generally all serves the long term interest of Iran, funnily enough it seems to, whether that’s something the President of the United States should be doing is a different matter.

HUGH HEWITT: Yesterday on this program, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said this reminded him of the old and funny, but old, movie “Trading Places,” only Israel and Iran have traded places in American foreign policy. 

STEYN: Yes, I think that’s generally true…I don’t think there’s any doubt that this administration has a visceral dislike of Israel.