A Day With America’s Sheriff: The Great Joe Arpaio

Ted Nugent Musician
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Obviously the freedom lovers converging on Phoenix Arizona for their annual Bike Week festivities would demand the definitive soundtrack for independence, rugged individualism, liberty, defiance, sheer horsepower and the ultimate American way. They simply refuse to settle for anything less.

Enter the killer Nugent rockband of Uncle Firebreathing Ted on the mighty Gibson Byrdland, Thunderballs drumgod Mick Brown and bass-god FunkBrother Greg Smith, carrying on the pure animal soulmusic bombast of ultra-high energy Motor City Madness for the rolling thunder party of American motorcycle crazies.

Phoenix, we have liftoff!

Preparing with all our heart and soul for the most important gig in our life, like every gig in our life, we jammed every day and we jammed every night, we practiced till we nailed every lick, now we’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown and we don’t know the meaning of quit!

That was just a little throwback to the lyrics of my 1975 masterpiece Just What The Dr.Ordered, because it is and we are.

As we assault the stage for the Bike Week NugeBash, we attack extremely vigorously knowing it is indeed the most important rockout of our lives. It is that indefatigable dedication to our musical craft that guarantees the virtual unstoppability of my music, and music lovers the world over know it and join with us at every concert to celebrate our shared dedication to supreme excellence.

The jury is not still out, they are dancing wildly.

With unbridled exuberance for my 6,515th performance since 1958, I often look to the heavens and thank God that I was raised to be the absolute best that I can be. In that inexhaustible pursuit, epitomized by the caliber of worldclass musicians and teammates I have been so very blessed to be surrounded with all my life, it comes as no surprise whatsoever that we are joined by U.S. military heroes and their families at every concert, and the typical backstage Nugent party is unlike any other that I am aware of.

The music alone would be motivation enough for seller performances each night, but add to that the immeasurable positive energy as provided by warriors willing to die for our freedoms, and the piss and vinegar quotient is off the damn charts.

I think we have established unambiguously that we all really love the music and everything and everyone associated with it.

Now comes the evidence to support my radical, revolutionary approach to this glorious experiment in self-government and how this old guitar player powerdrives my personal we the people party every day to the extreme.

Just to make certain my spiritual V12 is throttling on all 12 supercharged cylinders, I seek out and very fortunately succeed in hanging out with the greatest Americans the world has ever known.

Joining a good looking cadre of workin’ hard playin’ hard successful entrepreneurs and patriots, my stunning wife Shemane and I spent the evening before the concert with the great Joe Arpiao, sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona and his lovely wife Ava.

Gathering friends, BloodBrothers and fellow American Dream aficionados, we united to support sheriff Joe in his neverending success enforcing the laws of Arizona and dedication to his oath to the U.S. Constitution.

About to embark on his seventh term as Maricopa County Sheriff, this America law enforcement hero represents all that is good about America, the rule of law, self-evident truth, logic, common sense goodwill and decency.

Surviving untold danger as a U.S. federal narcotics official in Mexico, Turkey, Central and South America, the Middle East and cities across America, this take-no-crap warrior deserves the adulation and respect of warriors everywhere.

In the world of soulless political correctness and all the mindless denial that accompanies it, Sheriff Joe is indeed controversial, for doing the right thing is indeed controversial in this embarrassing Obama era, and good people everywhere salute and thank Joe for his steadfast refusal to back down or compromise his oath.

I’ve been honored and humbled to be welcomed into Joe’s professional and personal life, and his spirit and tenacity inspires me on a daily basis to never give up, never backdown, never give in the the engineered defeatism that plagues so much of our great country.

To spend the days before and after the concert with Joe and his team is a hugely fortifying experience that manifests in my attitude, spirit, citizen duties and very much so in my music.

As always, I came to Phoenix ultra-ready to rock, but with the added fire from Sheriff Joe, the Great White Buffalo may just stampede all the way back to Washington DC when we get done here.