You Won’t Recognize The Former ‘American Idol’ Star In This Dr. Pepper Commercial

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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In the new Dr. Pepper commercials, a woman in her office’s break room opens the fridge, searching for “something sweet without all the calories.”

This is about the time that former American Idol star Justin Guarini — standing all of eight inches tall — slides in as “Lil’ Sweet,” and convinces the woman to have a diet Dr. Pepper.

Yes, Justin Guarini, who lost to Kelly Clarkson in season one of the show, is the new face of Dr. Pepper.

Justin Guarini is the new face of Dr. Pepper

(Photo: YouTube screen capture)

The 36-year-old actor and singer is pretty unrecognizable, but if you look closely, “Justin Guarini as Lil’ Sweet” pops up on the screen in tiny letters when he shows up.

His fame has waned since his American Idol days and his movie with Kelly Clarkson, “From Justin to Kelly.” While he did end up producing a self-titled album, it didn’t sell.

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Back in 2013, during an interview with Oprah, he told her that being in the singing competition was actually “damaging to his life.”

“It was a time where I dealt with horrible depression, and the realization that I was not living the dream that I thought I was living.”

“It ended up completely backfiring.”

But at least he has something going for him now.