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Quote of the Day:

“Lovin’ the new lululemon push toward men fashion. Lululemon: It’s Pants For Your Dong.”

WaPo‘s Brian Feldman.

Time to make the donuts 

@samsteinhp you better find out what kind of donuts @paigelav likes and have them for her tomorrow.” — HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins.


Jezebel writer jokes around about a headline: DID SHE GO TOO FAR?  

“WHY I FUCKED MY DAD (just kidding we need more of these headlines)” — Natasha Vargas, senior reporter, Jezebel.

Some a–wipe asks Mark Halperin for a job

“Trash you on Twitter. Trash you on Twitter. Trash you on Twitter. Trash you on Twitter. Trash you on Twitter. Ask you for a job.” — Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin.

Travel Bitches

“So, @UnitedAirlines, talk to me. You didn’t realize the pilots’ shift was about to end when you assigned them UA1068, then 5 hrs late?” — NYT‘s Susan Dominus.

A question we must all ponder 

“So I’ll be in air between Phoenix and CA for about an hour. What could happen in an hour on a day like this?” — conservative radio host and upcoming debate non-moderator Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday.

Deep Thoughts With BNR’s Jimmy Williams

“It takes no courage to be a bigot. it takes a lot of courage to own up to it and refute it. #LeviPettit.” — Blue Nation Review editor and MSNBC’s Jimmy Williams.

McKay Coppins weighs in on the chances of Donald Trump becoming president 

“I basically think the only people with ZERO chance are ben carson and donald trump. jindal’s a huge longshot, but who know?! [sic]” — McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed.