Atheists And Agnostics Have A SHOCKING Race Problem

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In response to last week’s special CNN report on atheism that got a few facts spectacularly wrong and was watched by essentially no one, BloombergView has dusted off a 2012 religion survey that is astonishing.

According to the extensive survey from the Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life, both atheism and agnosticism are subject to a lack of ethnic diversity that would impress any Ku Klux Klan grand dragon.

Just three percent of America’s atheists and agnostics are black. A mere six percent are Hispanic. And only four percent of the nation’s unbelievers are Asian.

Fully 82 percent of the atheists and agnostics in the United States are white.

Those numbers differ from the actual composite of America as a whole.

As a whole, America in 2012 was 11 percent black, 15 percent Hispanic, five percent Asian and just 66 percent white, Bloomberg notes.

The same Pew survey clearly shows that atheism also has a serious problem attracting the ladies. Though women make up around 50 percent of the population, they are just 36 percent of the population of atheists and agnostics — thus assuring that any atheist convention will likely be a sad sausage fest.

“Show me a party to which women are invited but that they overwhelmingly choose to avoid, and I’ll show you a party to which I’d ask you to remember not to invite me,” once said an anonymous sage, according to Bloomberg.

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