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Black Man Attacked On St. Louis Commuter Train; White Passengers Just Watch It Happen

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Truly, we live in Emmett Till’s America. White people think they can just walk up to a black man, a complete stranger, and start punching him. And it’s okay, because his skin is a different color than theirs.

KTVI, St. Louis:

A MetroLink beating captured on video is now lighting up social media in St. Louis… The victim, a 43-year-old black male, tells investigators that a question about Mike Brown sparked the incident…

He told investigators that he was seated on the train when he was approached from behind. The man in the red hat and shirt asked for his cell phone. The victim refused.

The suspect in the red hat then asked the seated man what he thought of the Mike Brown situation. The victim tells police that he hadn’t put much thought into it. That is when the man in the red hat started beating him.

“What do you think about what happened to Mike Brown? Well, here’s what we do to you people!” And then the all-too-common physical violence against a black man.

What sort of country do we live in, where an innocent man is attacked on a train full of people just for the way he looks? All white people should be ashamed.


Correction: Whoops, my mistake. The “victim” is white and the “attacker” is black.

Well, okay. But a few punches to the face is nothing, compared to the suffering that black people have endured for hundreds of years. At least this guy is still alive.

And what was he doing on that train anyway? Couldn’t he call an Uber? Isn’t that what white folks do?

This dude was in the wrong place with the wrong face. He should be glad he only got a fist in it. Be honest: Haven’t you ever wanted to walk up to a cracker and pound his face in?

That’s what he gets for oppressing the black man.


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