Christie Approves Abortion Ban After 20 Weeks

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became the final potential GOP presidential contender to signal his support for a ban on abortions after 20 weeks on Monday.

Christie told the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List on Monday that he supports a federal ban on abortions after five months of pregnancy, after which unborn children are capable of feeling pain.

“One proposal that brings Americans together is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which would protect unborn children beginning at 20 weeks, or five months of pregnancy, based on their ability to feel pain,” Christie told the Susan B. Anthony List. “America is one of just seven countries that permits elective abortions past this point. We can do far better than this.”

Christie’s announcement makes the Republican presidential field unanimous in supporting the ban. Other candidates, from tea party favorites like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to more moderate contenders like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Christie have indicated their support for a ban.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, who has also said he may run for the GOP nomination, is sponsoring a bill to ban the practice in the Senate (with exceptions in the case of danger to the life of the mother, incest or rape).

“I am proud to be a pro-life Republican. I believe that every life is an individual gift from God, an that no life is disposable,” Christie said. “When I was preparing to run for Governor of New Jersey there were those who told me there was no way I would be elected as a pro-life candidate. I told them that they were wrong, that he voters would accept the sincerity of my beliefs even if they felt differently. Today, I am a living example that being pro-life is not a political liability anywhere in America.”

“There is complete unity on the Republican side around this highly reasonable proposal to protect pain-capable children after five months,” SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said of Christie’s decision. “Meanwhile the national Democratic Party and its leaders remind us almost daily of the abortion lobby’s importance in their policy and politics.”

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