Government Economist: Christians Are ‘Nazis’ For Religious Freedom Act

Derek Hunter Contributor
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A government employee has been caught calling “red state” Christians “nazis” for their support of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Celebrities, journalists and even Hillary Clinton have attacked the law that was modeled on the federal RFRA signed by President Bill Clinton in 1993.

While understanding of the law remains clouded in hysterical rhetoric, the anger over it continues to grow.

Elizabeth Ashack has worked as an economist at the US Department of Labor since 1998 and a number-cruncher for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to her LinkedIn profile. She is also appalled by the new Indiana law.

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The blogger SooperMexican noticed Ashack using Twitter to express her anger over the law, but could not contain her anger to just the law and ended up attacking all Christians.


She tweeted, “people in the red states vote for nazis to govern, and then call themselves Christian, it will not end well for them. #BoycottIndiana.”

Perhaps realizing she, a government employee, just called a large swath of the country “Nazis,” Ashack tried to delete her tweet. But the Internet is forever.


Ashack then removed all references to her employer from her Twitter bio.

The Indiana RFRA has caused a lot of anger among progressives, who fear it will legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians. Nineteen other states have versions of a RFRA, as does the federal government, and there are no recorded cases where that law was used to discriminate against anyone.

[h/t SooperMexican for the last 2 screen captures]