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#NotAllMuslims Murder Little Boy For Attending Boston Marathon

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The United States rested its case against Rolling Stone cover boy Dzhokar Tsarnaev today. The court heard the most detailed description yet of what that bomb did to a little kid named Martin Richard.

WARNING: The following description of Richard’s fatal injuries is graphic.

Ann O’Neill, CNN:

Martin Richard, an 8-year-boy who once urged people in a school project to “stop hurting each other,” was literally blown apart by a homemade bomb as he watched the 2013 Boston Marathon with his family, jurors heard Monday…

Henry Neilds, Boston’s chief medical examiner, said no part of the boy’s 69-pound body was left untouched by the blast, which severed his spinal cord and tore through his abdominal aorta, causing him to bleed to death in minutes…

He said the bomb severed Martin’s spinal cord; severed and exposed his lower intestines; ruptured his stomach; nicked or tore his liver, left kidney and adrenal gland; tore off his left arm at the forearm; snapped a bone in his right left; fractured and exposed his ribs; and bruised a lung.

Martin had third-degree burns on his back, buttock and left calf. In addition, his body was covered with scrapes, bruises and perforations from blast debris.

He was 8 years old. He went to watch the Boston Marathon with his family, and a couple of cowardly Islamic lunatics planted a bomb right next to him. He died in unimaginable agony, and his murderers believed it was Allah’s will.

Imagine Martin Richard was your child. Imagine standing over him and seeing him like that. Then look at the man who did it to him:

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is pictured in an undated FBI handout photo

What would be an appropriate punishment?