Rubio: Hillary Clinton ‘Put National Security At Risk’ With Private Emails [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said on Fox News’ “The Five” Monday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put “national security at risk” when she worked exclusively using a private email server.

Rubio may announce that he is running for president on April 12. (VIDEO: Rubio: Obama Foreign Policy ‘A History Of Miscalculation And Misjudgment’)

RUBIO: She claims that all of the emails that have anything to do with the State Department have been turned over to the State Department. So now, let’s see what the State Department produces.

I think the bigger issue and the one I focused on, it’s not so much the e-mails and the traffic, it’s whether there was sensitive — even if it’s not classified — sensitive information regarding U.S. diplomacy, strategic views, etc. that were contained in those emails. If you’re using a private server, you make them susceptible to foreign espionage.

We know for a fact that multiple nations and even non-state actors are constantly looking to have access to all sorts of drivers and all sort of technology that are used by governmental leaders and even candidates. If there was anything in those emails that was sensitive in nature– and classified, God forbid– but even sensitive, I think it put national security at risk.

And that’s an important question that needs to be answered: Was she insecure in the way she used her communications?

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