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“Very pleased to see the serving size for Goldfish is 55 pieces.”

HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

The Observer

“I see we’ve reached the point of the Trevor Noah news cycle where we retweet the problematic tweets.” — Jeb Lund, a freelancer for the Guardian, Rolling Stone and Awl.


Politico copy editor loves her new computer 

“I’m on my new MacBook Pro and it is so sweet and fast it makes me want to cry.” — Kelsey Hayes, senior copy editor, Politico.

BuzzFeed editor second guesses Trevor Noah

“How the fuck did he not purge his twitter before the announcement?” — Cate Holderness, BuzzFeed Community Growth Manager.

TV host wants fatherly attention from Mike Ehermintrout

“I wish Mike Ehrmintrout was my dad #BetterCallSaul.” — RedState‘s Leon Wolf.

Mother Jones‘ Nick Baumann kisses bosses’ asses on way out

#ff @MonikaBauerlein @ClaraJeffery @DanielSchulman + @DavidCornDC, best mentors a clueless 22-year-old (or 30yo, or 80yo) could ask for” — Nick Baumann, who’s going to HuffPost.

Breitbart editor can’t stand CNN’s Chris Cuomo 

“I see CNN put @ChrisCuomo on at 9pm so everyone could see that he’s the worst and most biased anchor in America today.” — Breitbart NewsJohn Nolte.


“Sick of annoying internet trolls? I do believe this is the perfect response. And often warranted.” — Tim Schenck.