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Trevor Noah’s Only Offense Is A Lack Of Material

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My first question, upon hearing that Trevor Noah will be the new host of The Daily Show, was the same as everybody else’s: “Who?”

My second and more important question: “Is he as hilarious as Jon Stewart? Is that even possible?” Because Jon Stewart is the funniest human who has ever lived, and if you dare to disagree, you just don’t know what comedy is, and, and, and shut up!

Who is Trevor Noah? What are his comedic sensibilities? Thanks to the modern miracle of Twitter, we can get a taste:






Despite the instant uproar since the announcement yesterday, Noah’s jokes about Jews, fat people, and anything else he wants to joke about aren’t inherently off-limits. If a joke is funny, it’s funny.

Granted, none of his jokes are, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try. They’re jokes.

Besides, that was several years ago. Maybe he’s sharpened his wit since then? Maybe he’s been working on his material? Let’s look at Trevor Noah’s act, circa 2014:

…Yeah. Well.

As I see it, Trevor Noah’s only crime is that he’s not very funny. I see no reason why this should disqualify him from hosting The Daily Show.

Plus, he kinda looks like Obama. So leave him alone, you racists.