Tucker Carlson Blasts Intolerant Liberal ‘Jihadis’: ‘They Will Crush You’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller Tucker Carlson said on Fox News’ “Special Report” Tuesday that liberals opposing the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act are more interested in “authoritarianism” than tolerance. (VIDEO: MSNBC Host Can’t Win Debate With Conservative Guest, Cuts His Mic Off)

CARLSON: The demagoguery around this is really nauseating I will say, echoing George Will’s comments. We’ve always made exceptions for religious minorities. Quakers can become conscientious objectors. So you have a country where religious minorities get to choose which wars they fight in, but not whether to serve cupcakes at a wedding that would violate their religious principles? That’s insane.

And I have to say, all the talk of tolerance that a lot of us took at face value in the ’90s and even last decade — ‘Why can’t we all just get along, you accept me, I’ll accept you,’ — they didn’t mean it at all. These are absolutists, these are jihadis, people who want to make you obey, that don’t brook any opposition to their world view at all. They will crush you.

As one of my editors, one the smartest people in the office [besides the media reporters] Jim Antle said, ‘Today’s social liberals are very much like the stereotype of yesterday’s social conservatives. They set the societal norms, and anyone who deviates from them is punished.’ That is not tolerance, that’s authoritarianism.

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