College Bro Withdraws From Ole Miss After BITING THE HEAD OFF A LIVE HAMSTER

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University of Mississippi student Brady Eaves is in a heap of trouble after a graphic video surfaced on YouTube showing him biting the head off of an apparently live hamster during a recent spring break vacation in Florida.

The student is Brady Eaves, reports Memphis CBS affiliate WREG.

Eaves, 18, is the stepson of John Arthur Eaves Jr., a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for the Mississippi governorship in 2007.

At the raucous party at which the Ole Miss student bit the head off the unlucky hamster (while wearing a pink T-shirt emblazoned with a huge wolf face), other attendees forced the rodent to consume vodka and “hot-boxed” the rodent’s cage with marijuana, according to the Daily Mail.

People who know Eaves have called him an “animal lover,” according to The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi’s largest newspaper.

His — currently living — pets reportedly include a parrot and a raccoon.

The Eaves family released a heartfelt statement concerning the incident on Tuesday.

“As parents we are obviously and very seriously concerned about the well-being of our son,” the statement said. “We have withdrawn him from school, and fully intend on professionally assessing why he behaved in such a horrible way, and what we must do as a family to keep this type of behavior from ever happening again. Raising teenagers in today’s world, as most caring and loving parents realize, can challenge the best of us. We will continue to love our son with all of our hearts and be right there by his side as our family addresses this situation.”

A WREG reporter traveled to the Ole Miss campus in Oxford to discover the views of veritable students on the street.

“That’s pretty aggressive,” student Paul Tsavoussis told the CBS affiliate. “That’s pretty messed up, honestly.”

Cody McCollum, who said he is friends with Eaves, agreed.

“He talks about having dogs, and he’s a real cool guy,” McCollum told the station.

Eaves has withdrawn from Ole Miss.

He has also been kicked out of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity chapter on campus (though the hamster-eating did not occur at a Phi Delt event).

“We are very disappointed and disgusted in Brady’s actions,” a statement from the fraternity said. “These actions are inconsistent with what we believe as men of Phi Delta Theta.”

It’s not clear if Eaves will face animal cruelty charges for his actions in Florida.

A spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said her organization is displeased about the incident.

“Obviously we were horrified by the depictions in the video, and people are rightfully outraged about it,” PETA spokeswoman Stephanie Bell said, according to The Clarion-Ledger. “Animal abuse is a community concern, and people who abuse animals rarely do so only once, and almost never stop there. The link between cruelty to animals and interpersonal violence is undeniable.”

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