Gutfeld SLAMS Media Bias: ‘What Qualifies As A Scandal These Days For A Democrat?’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld slammed the media’s coverage in the immediate aftermath of corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez, asking “what qualifies as a scandal” for a Democrat among the press.

Appearing from his perch on “The Five,” Gutfeld lamented that Democratic scandals are rarely found by the press, citing Anthony Weiner as a prime example, saying Weiner was “his own Woodward and Bernstein.”

GUTFELD: Well, to me, what qualifies as a scandal these days for a Democrat because Menendez — there’s been talk about this for a long time. So you have to wonder when does the press care about a scandal? It seems to me when it comes to the Democrats, they bring the scandal — the only time the scandal happens is when they walk into it because no one actually looks for it. Like Anthony Weiner. No journalist found that. He was his own Woodward and Bernstein by continually sending out photos of whatever. He caught himself. None of these guys were exposed by journalists. To qualify as a scandal for a Democrat among the press, what does it take? If a Democrat drove a bus off a cliff filled with nuns and orphans, the press would call it a field trip.