Huffington Post Mocks Republican Governor For Gay Marriage Opposition … Except He’s A Democrat

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A senior Huffington Post editor mistakenly identified Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear as a Republican in a story mocking his opposition to gay marriage in his state.

Beshear is actually a Democrat. (VIDEO: CAIR, Huffington Post Fall For ‘Obvious Hoax’ Video)

“Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s (R) administration is arguing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage isn’t discriminatory because it applies to straight people, too,” read the lede to the HuffPo report, entitled “Kentucky: Our Same-Sex Marriage Ban Isn’t Anti-Gay Because It Applies To Straight People, Too.”

While Beshear is conservative on some social issues, he is not a Republican. He’s a lifelong Democrat, dating all the way back to his term in the Kentucky House of Representatives beginning in 1974.

The piece has now been updated with the following correction: “This post has been updated to reflect Beshear is a Democrat.” On Twitter, the piece’s author Paige Lavender wrote off the mistake as a “typo.” (RELATED: Huffington Post Op-Ed: ‘Thank God For Abortion Providers’)

But the Internet, as they say, is forever:


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