CNN: Iranians ‘Celebrating’ Nuclear Deal; ‘They See The Opening’ [VIDEO]

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With the parameters of a deal set between the U.S. and Iran, Iranians are celebrating and President Barack Obama is getting some unprecedented treatment in the Middle Eastern nation.

In an appearance with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto reported that Iranians are “celebrating” the apparent deal between the two nations, primarily because economic sanctions are being lifted.

“I have never seen anything like that, an American president getting, in effect, a live megaphone into and around Iran,” Sciutto told Blitzer.

Sciutto did add, however, that he was unsure of translation and commentary going on with Obama’s announcement in Iran.

“The economic sanctions being lifted here, that’s really the focus in Iran. People there, and I’ve seen the tweets coming out, and I’ve heard from contacts in Iran, they are celebrating right now,” Sciutto said “They’re putting out videos as they celebrate this deal. Because they’ve been under pariah status for some four decades, and they see the opening of this.”

“So, from the American perspective, it’s all about the nuclear program. For the Iranian people, for this government, that was elected, keep in mind President Rouhani, to change the dynamic with the West. For them, it’s about opening up this country to the world after so long being isolated, being squeezed by sanctions, etc,” Sciutto said. “A long way to go for all those sanctions to be lifted. But I think you’re going to be hearing a lot of celebration inside Iranian homes tonight.”

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