MSNBC Guest: GOP 2016ers Support For Indiana Law Is ‘Premature Intolerance Ejaculation’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Potential GOP presidential candidates voiced consistent support for the Indiana religious freedom law from the outset and Newsweek’s liberal reporter Nina Burleigh just cannot contain herself.

In an appearance on “Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” Wednesday, the lefty political scribe said the likes of Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz suffered “a premature intolerance ejaculation” by supporting Gov. Mike Pence and the law. Burleigh also called it “embarrassing” for the candidates to come out early to voice support for the law, which will likely be altered in the coming days after non-stop outrage.

For what it’s worth, the entire panel thought Burleigh’s “ejaculation” comment was hilarious.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: This is that face-off that we’ve been seeing over the years recently between corporate Republicanism and these religious values Republicans, and it seems like — okay, the corporate side of it is now really kind of organized and working. But what took them so long? This might not be so hard now if they had been working on this earlier. 

NINA BURLEIGH, NEWSWEEK POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Well what I find astonishing about it is the way the presidential candidates jumped onto the Pence side immediately. Jindal, Carson, Cruz, and Bush, the front-unner. It was like a premature intolerance ejaculation and you know there are pills for that at Walmart, and you can get them over the counter and you don’t have to have a prescription, which, as you know, the RFRA law and the Hobby Lobby bringing that to the Supreme Court all had to do with women’s right to get birth control pills from places like Walmart.

So what’s really interesting about this, besides this jumping on prematurely, which is so embarrassing for these candidates, is the whole issue of this having been about women’s rights and forced pregnancy and how the way it’s going to be rescued is through the gay rights issue, right? And that’s a kind of a big deal, Republicans are going to have to address.

[h/t: Newsbusters]