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Hillary Clinton Addresses Memories Pizza Controversy

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What should we do with dissenters? Should they be merely cast out, or must we destroy them?

Oh, wait. That was then. This is now. Never mind.

Here’s the GoFundMe page for the O’Connor family, as of this morning:


I’m with Ace: The O’Connors should use this money to hire the best defamation lawyers they can find. ABC 57 in South Bend claimed that Memories Pizza was “denying same-sex service,” which was a malicious lie. That lie is directly responsible for the threats against the O’Connors and any damage this is doing to their business. They should own that TV station, fire everybody, raze it to the ground, and salt the earth.

But they probably won’t. They seem like nice people. They’ll probably give that money to charity or something. And the leftist lynch mob will move on to the next target. Like locusts, except not as smart.

Burge sums it up, as he is wont to do: