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#NotAllMuslims Refuse To Bake Cake For Gay Wedding

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If a Christian refuses to participate in a gay wedding, he’s a bigot. If a Muslim refuses to participate in a gay wedding, you’re a bigot.

Steven Crowder jumped feet first into the fray of gay-wedding preparations in 21st Century America, and what he found will… not surprise you even a little bit:

No, but see, that’s different. Because it just is.

None of the idiots who’ve been excoriating a family-owned pizzeria in rural Indiana for “bigotry” and “discrimination” will say anything about the perfectly acceptable religious objections of these establishments. There will be no threats of arson and murder. There will be no identity theft. There will be no slander, libel, or unhinged screeching of any kind.

Because when you’re on the left, it’s all about declaring a victim. And in that game, Muslim trumps gay.

As adorable as a Steven Crowder/Ben Howe gay wedding would be, nobody should be forced to participate. Not even those filthy Christians.

P.S. Hot new liberal theory: Memories Pizza orchestrated this fiasco because they wanted the online donations.

They think it’s astroturfing because that’s what they would do.