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Someone Dropped A Deuce On Erik Wemple’s Wikipedia Page

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Erik Wemple arguably practices yellow journalism. 

But now some brown journalism about his wife is coming back to haunt him.

Over the weekend, the proprietor of WaPo‘s rarely reported media blog had a curious line added to his online encyclopedia page. Some might remember Wemple — he’s the journalist who ran the short-lived Allbritton-owned TBD into the ground.

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Along with the line was a link at the bottom to a blog post of a WaPo story about the incident by Marc Fischer, who happens to be one of Wemple’s most favorite writers. Mencimer, the alleged poopitrator in Fischer’s story, now works for Mother Jones.

A little birdy tells The Mirror that the person responsible for adding the line could be phone enthusiast and Daily Caller contributor Evan Gahr, who has been hung up on by Wemple on numerous occasions.

Interestingly enough, the line has not yet been removed from his Wikipedia page, if he even cares enough to go through the messy hoops of wiping it away. If the WaPo story by one of his favorite writers is to be believed, there’s no real reason why it should be removed.

Consider this one an Easter/Passover surprise.