Judge Napolitano: UVA President ‘Didn’t Give A Damn About The Truth’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News senior judicial correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano praised the University of Virginia Phi Alpha Psi chapter for suing Rolling Stone after its libelous piece accusing them of gang rape, but urged the fraternity to sue UVA as well for punishing them before they were proven guilty. (RELATED: UVA Fraternity To Sue Rolling Stone Over False Rape Accusation)

NAPOLITANO: The university. They need to sue the president of the university.

‘KELLY FILE’ HOST MEGYN KELLY: That’s what I want to ask about. How about the Teresa Sullivan, the president of the university … Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds said today, ‘She essentially found the fraternity guilty based on a story in a music tabloid… she hastily imposed a group punishment on the entire Greek system and pretty much stood by while angry crowds mobbed and vandalized that fraternity house.’ And where’s her apology?

NAPOLITANO: Her behavior is just as horrific and maybe worse than the magazine. She is the distinguished chief executive officer of one of the finest universities in the country, and she engaged in something as horrific as group punishment: ‘I think a few of you did this, so I’m going to punish all of you.’ That is reprehensible.

KELLY: Reminds me of the Duke case. It’s not like this never happened before. This happened, and a university rushed to judgment before and shut down that lacrosse program. And here she goes again, just based on an article.

NAPOLITANO: We had the same thing happen with the University of Oklahoma. A couple of students got drunk at a fraternity, and the president of the university — again a state-owned school — decided to punish people that had nothing to do with their hate-filled but probably protected rant.

This is liberal intelligentsia in the academy wanting to prove how strong it is to defend the rights of a victim, that created more victims and didn’t give a damn about the truth.

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