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Another Day, Another Fake Rape

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Rape is such a horrible crime that we shouldn’t worry too much about the details. Such as, y’know, whether or not it actually happened.

Steve Schmadeke, Chicago Tribune:

Cook County prosecutors dropped charges Monday against a former Uber X driver accused of sexually assaulting a passenger, telling a judge they were acting after new evidence came to light.

Maxime Fohounhedo, who has been in jail on $500,000 bail since his December arrest, was expected to be released later Monday. His attorney, Shady Yousif Yassin, said the new evidence was an approximately nine-minute recording his client made on his cellphone while driving the alleged victim home in November.

The woman, who told authorities she was lapsing in and out of consciousness, “was totally alert the whole time” and “engaged in what sounded like a friendly conversation about … her boyfriend and her work,” Yassin said.

“At the end, she gives him a big hug and a big kiss,” Yassin said. “That’s not somebody who’s in fear of her life.”

This guy was just trying to make a living. Now he has to start his life all over again, just because he picked up the wrong passenger.

And what happened to the woman who made the fake accusation of rape?

No, seriously, I’m asking. What happened to her? She put an innocent man in jail for months, and if she had her way, he’d still be in there. Now he’ll have this hanging over his head for the rest of his life. Yet the Trib doesn’t even name the woman who falsely accused him. No curiosity whatsoever about what would drive a person to commit such a crime. It’s as if it all just happened on its own.

Note that they don’t say, “The accuser is unnamed.” They don’t give any sort of explanation. They just don’t name her.

But then, why would it even occur to them to ask? Sure, she’s a sick, twisted liar, but we shouldn’t hurt her feelings. We must protect her. She’s a rape victim, even though there was no rape.

Sound familiar?

Hat tip to Sonny Bunch, who notes:

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