Fox News Chief: I’ll Turn On MSNBC ‘To See if Their Blind Pig Can Find An Acorn’

Al Weaver Reporter
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BREAKING: Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes watches MSNBC.

Though the Fox News boss admits to watching the “Lean Forward” network on occasion, he does so for a single reason:

“I flip to MSNBC occasionally to make sure their blind pig didn’t find an acorn,” Ailes said. “But they never have once.”

Ailes made the remarks to The Hollywood Reporter for a profile as part of their “35 Most Powerful People in New York Media 2015” list.

He also told the media outlet he doesn’t even see MSNBC and CNN as rivals anymore.

“We’re competing with TNT and USA and ESPN,” Ailes said dismissing his perceived competition.

However, Ailes did praise MSNBC more than CNN, saying he enjoys “Morning Joe” and doesn’t watch the Turner network since they stopped doing news during the primetime hours.

“I tell you who I do like at MSNBC — I like Joe and Mika,” Ailes admitted. “I don’t watch much CNN, they got out of the news business in primetime. But I look to see if they have a good documentary or movie. If they do, I’ll watch that.”