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Noah Shachtman’s Fabulous Cab Driver Goes On A Political Tirade: ‘Obama Is A P***y’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I think we can all admit at this point that Twitter has become a whole lot of mindless blather and foaming drivel. Especially in the New York-Washington journo-class, where there’s a certain mass of people trying too hard to be clever and not succeeding at anything but wasting time (theirs and most importantly, ours).

It was a refreshing surprise this week to see The Daily Beast‘s executive editor Noah Shachtman doing what reporters are supposed to do — that is, report — right from the back seat of his taxicab.

This is what we should be striving for — something from the real world, entertaining and best of all, not about improving our own brands. If anything, this could’ve gotten Shachtman maimed.

We applaud him for that.

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