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Quote of the Day:

“Any prayers for my dad would be appreciated. He’s in the hospital and we still don’t know why.”

Washington Examiner‘s Ashe Schow.

Putting it all together 

“Face the Nation with Jay Leno and the Brian Williams Orchestra.” — Mother Jones’ Ben Dreyfuss, upon learning the news that longtime CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer will retire this summer.

Comedian puts tweeter in his place

“We all r, u ageist, sexist asshole. Ok, I’m ALSO giggling w pride & very flattered.” — comedian Kathy Griffin in reaction to this: Kathy is still 100% bangable.”

BuzzFeeder isn’t pleased with Twitter’s changes

“I HATE THIS NEW RETWEET SHIT.” — BuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton.

It was REALLY tough getting Zucker to comment for this one 

“Time to give Jeff Zucker some credit for bringing @CNN back from the dead.” — Mediaite editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell. Mercifully this isn’t Brian Stelter ass kissing — there are facts, figures and ratings in this story. And yeah, of course Zucker comments. See here.

The Observer

“I do not understand how any candidate survives a presidential race in the Age of Twitter.” — PBS’ and Politico‘s Jon Ralston.

HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins is kind of an asshole. But…this is a good story.

Black journos react to South Carolina shooting 

“Going to try to control my rage when someone says ‘he shouldn’t have run from the police.'” — HuffPost‘s Marc Lamont Hill.

“An officer CANNOT fire at a fleeing suspect UNLESS that person is a significant threat of death to the officer or the public.” — Blue Nation Review‘s Goldie Taylor.

TMI/Too soon

“Is it too soon to say I’m sexually attracted to the Boston Bomber? I feel terrible about it!” — VICE’s Mitchell Sunderland.


“When I was at CNN earlier today, everyone was super excited about @russellcrowe’s imminent arrival. But @Carole_King WAS THERE TOO!!” — The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway, who appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” this week.

Breitbart News editor hates CNN 

“CNN’s @ChrisCuomo treats Bernie Sanders like a Faberge Egg; Christians like they’re the Klan. CNN is a Hate Network.” — Breitbart‘s John Nolte.

On Language 

“I’m just gonna go ahead and accept the fact that “literally” now means “figuratively but with FLAIR.” — actress Gabourey Sidebe.

Sad or Touching? Twitter serves as way to tell if she’s alive

“If I am quiet on Twitter for a while, I’ll have people call to make sure I am alive. Kinda amusing.” — Texas-based blogger Melissa Clouthier.

Say hello to Nancy Grace’s version of the ‘neighbor from hell’

“The neighbor from hell allegedly stands naked at his front door several times a week, but cops refuse to arrest him! Why? #NakedNeighbor.” — HLN’s Nancy Grace.