North West Demands Her ‘Shoes’ First Thing Every Morning

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Before any of her nannies can change her diaper or feed her an organic breakfast, Kim Kardashian’s 22-month old daughter has one demand when she wakes up.


“She’s really particular about what she likes to wear, she’s such a girlie girl,” her mother, Kim Kardashian, told Vogue.

North West demands shoes every morning

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“Every day she wakes up and says ‘shoes.’ You have to bargain with her—before you change her diaper she needs a pair of shoes on.”

Shoes, please. 

Kim kardashian daughter photos

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“Well, North does love handbags. And anything where there’s a little bit of glitz.”

Glitz for someone not even two years old? Please.

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(Photo: Splash News)

But no headbands for North.

“She hasn’t been the biggest fan of keeping something on her head.”

Headbands. Gross.