AFSCME Funds Hillary Groups, Infuriating Texas Members

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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A top union official in Texas revealed Thursday that the country’s biggest government union gives a sizable chunk of its money to pro-Hillary Clinton groups in Washington, D.C. — and that union members in the state are vehemently opposed to the practice.

Brian Olsen, a former executive director of the Texas chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), testified Thursday before the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee in support of a bill which would block the government from withholding union dues from members’ paychecks.

In testimony obtained by The Daily Caller, Olsen explained that AFSCME gives money directly to Washington-based Democratic Party groups, even over the objections of its own members.

“Here is a fact that AFSCME will never disclose to you: More than one-third of every dollar it collects from its members in Texas goes to Washington, DC,” Olsen testified.

“Specifically, AFSCME collects about $33 from every one of its corrections officer members and sends about $13.20 of that to Washington, DC,” Olsen said. “What do you suppose the union in Washington does with this money?”

“As the union’s executive director in Texas, I can tell you that we never saw the funds spent on anything our members needed or cared about.”

“Instead,” Olsen revealed, “AFSCME ordered me to expand my staff from 15 to 40 employees, most of whom came from out of state. Not one of them worked on issues at the core of our mission or to meet our members’ needs. Instead, they engaged in political activities, including organizing for Democratic candidates in advance of the last election.”

Olsen detailed the specific groups that AFSCME sends its money to, including major organizations supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Here is another fact these unions will not discuss: Most of the dues collected by AFSCME and the SEIU from union members in Texas are used to fund national policy campaigns and other liberal initiatives that the majority of union members in Texas strongly oppose,” Olsen testified.

“In 2013, AFSCME provided: $200,000 in 2013 to American Bridge, a George Soros-funded progressive organization; $150,000 to the Center for American Progress, a group established by President Obama’s chief advisors on environmental and healthcare issues, and; $30,000 to Media Matters, an organization established to attack conservatives.”

American Bridge and Media Matters are both run by diehard Clinton super fan David Brock. The Center for American Progress was founded by John Podesta, now chairman of Hillary’s campaign.

Hillary has taken credit for “helping to start and support” both Media Matters and the Center for American Progress.

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