Andrea Mitchell Assumes Joaquin Castro Is Cuban-American. He’s Mexican-American [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Friday was a tough day for MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

During an interview with Texas Rep. Joaquín Castro at the upcoming Americas Summit in Panama City, Panama, Mitchell wrongly assumed he was a Cuban-American as she was launching into a question about the U.S.-Cuba relationship.

“I wanted to talk about the reason we are here,” Mitchell started, “which is this Latin American summit, the first one attended by Cuba because of the change in U.S. policy.”

“You have a Cuban-American background …” Mitchell told the congressman.

“Well, I’m Mexican-American,” Castro said, awkwardly cutting her off. “But same last name as the … yeah.”

“Mexican-American, but … you understand the real divisions in the Hispanic and Latino communities about this.”