DNC Spokeswoman Who Attacked ‘Jew For Rand’ Previously Tweeted The Word ‘Jew’

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The Democratic National Committee spokeswoman who took offense to the use of “Jew” on Rand Paul’s campaign website, hasn’t always had a problem with the word.

After the announcement of his presidential bid, Rand Paul launched a campaign website with avatars available for supporters to show their backing on social media. Soon after, DNC spokeswoman Holly Shulman tweeted about the “Jew For Rand” image:

In her tweet, Shulman raised objection to the use of the term “Jew.” Shulman claims Jews in America would prefer to be called “Jewish American” rather than “Jew.”

In a tweet on Dec. 25 2010, however, Shulman wrote about the experience of being a Jew on Christmas, using the hashtag “jewonxmas”:

Although, according to Shulman, the proper terminology should be “Jewish American,” Shulman referred to herself as a Jew. In this instance, Shulman did not have a problem with using the supposedly controversial word “Jew.”

As a result of the outrage on Twitter over the use of the word “Jew,” the Rand Paul website changed “Jew For Rand” to “Jewish For Rand.” “Jewish For Rand” was later removed from the site entirely.