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Elizabeth Warren Is Against The Death Penalty, Unless The Condemned Is Still In The Womb

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Any politician is bound to hold some positions that seem contradictory. But seldom is that contradiction more stark than throwing dead babies into dumpsters while preserving the precious lives of child-killers.

David Scharfenberg, Boston Globe:

US Senator Elizabeth Warren said Thursday she opposes the death penalty for convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

“You know, my heart goes out to the families here, but I don’t support the death penalty,” she said, speaking on “CBS This Morning.” “I think that he should spend his life in jail. No possibility of parole; he should die in prison.”

Note to Senator Warren: Executions are conducted in prisons.

If Tsarnaev’s mother had decided to kill him before birth, before he ever had a chance to do whatever he chose to do with his life, Warren would’ve supported that. But now that he’s sitting in a cell for murdering and maiming people, including a little boy, Warren insists that he should be allowed to continue breathing. On your dime, of course.

Snuffing out a life that’s nothing but potential: GOOD
Snuffing out a life that’s nothing but wasted potential: BAD

Heap big buffalo crap, senator.