Krauthammer: Marco Rubio Has Chance To Be Next JFK

Al Weaver Reporter
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Marco Rubio certainly has one high profile admirer: Charles Krauthammer.

Appearing on the “Special Report” panel Friday night, the syndicated columnist told host Bret Baier that Rubio has the ability to be “Kennedy-esque” due to his youth and energy on the campaign trail.

Krauthammer has consistently been pro-Rubio in 2016 discussions, having consistently placed the highest wager on Rubio on the panel’s Friday “Candidate Casino.” The conservative commentator currently has $35 on Rubio with $30 on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and $25 on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. He also put $5 on Ted Cruz because of his prolific fundraising following his 2016 announcement.

“I think Rubio is the one — again, if the theme is new and old, I think he’s got a chance to be the sort of Kennedy-esque one, a lot of energy, youth, and especially because foreign affairs have become a very important issue in the last couple of years, very unusual, that we should have an election that hinges a lot on that,” Krauthammer told Baier.

“But I think the disgust with — the way our position is in the world is going to lead to who can speak on those issues, Rubio, I think, is the best,” Krauthammer said.