Sheriff Clarke To NRA: Eagle On Presidential Seal Should Carry Gun

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke brought National Rifle Association members to their feet Friday when he proposed changing the presidential seal.

Clarke, who recently won his re-election for against an opponent financed by the Mike Bloomberg gun-control organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns, mocked President Obama’s disdain for gun owners as “bitter clingers.”

“Bloomberg tried to take me out with his wallet and only because of your help was I able to kick him out of dodge so to speak with his tail between his legs in search of a signature win to rally around. Together, you and I told him, not today, not here, nice try,” Clarke told the NRA audience, noting, “He says that when things don’t go right that we cling to our guns and our religion to which I reply damn right we do Mr. President and don’t you forget it.”

“There’s nothing more that I’d rather hold in than my hand when fighting tyranny than a bible in my left hand that I use to swear to uphold the Constitution and in my right hand a Winchester Rifle assemble of freedom and liberty and the United States of America,” Clarke said.

“In fact, I propose we change the great seal. You know the one — with the American Bald Eagle holding an olive branch in one claw and arrows in another. We should take those arrows out of the eagle’s claw an replace them with a semi-automatic rifle — preferably one that shoots M855 ammunition.”

The Sheriff says he has no plans to run for another office but encouraged NRA members to hold members of Congress accountable.