CNN’s John King: ‘Inexcusable’ Hillary Didn’t Have Independent Review Of Her Emails [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Ahead of her 2016 campaign announcement Sunday, CNN “Inside Politics” host John King called it “inexcusable” for Clinton to not have an independent review of her emails from her tenure at the State Department.

“To the point about the emails…she still has some explaining to do on that one to the Congress. I, personally, think it’s inexcusable for somebody who was the keeper of government records,” King said.

“If you made the decision to keep those records on a private server in your home, you don’t get to be the only person who decides this is the government’s property, this is my property,” King said. “You needed somebody with a clean set of eyes, independence to do that.”

“She didn’t. Here we go, let’s see what happens going forward,” King added. “This will be part of the campaign, not just with the Republicans and the testimony to Congress. But we’ll see.”