Exclusive: Huckabee, Preparing For 2016, Rails Against Illegal Immigration In New Video [VIDEO]

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, making moves ahead of a likely GOP campaign for president, is releasing a video that focuses on illegal immigration and helping “every American earn his or her maximum wage.”

The web video, shared first with The Daily Caller, will be disseminated by Huckabee’s America Takes Action political organization on Tuesday.

“We’ve got to repeal Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, oppose amnesty and secure the border,” Huckabee says in the video. “You don’t punish people for living by the rules. If you’re rewarding people who play outside the rules, and punish people who live within the rules, pretty soon nobody is going to play by the rules.”

Adds Huckabee: “By securing the border and protecting American workers and their livelihoods, we’ll finally help every American earn his or her maximum wage.”

The video also features a rancher from Hico, Texas named Lloyd Huggins who talks about illegal immigration.

“We need a certain level of legal immigration in this country,” Huggins says in the video. “Our problem is illegal immigration.”

“You don’t just open the borders and let anybody in that wants in, because you get a bad element that comes with it,” Huggins says. “You get the drug runners, the terrorists, the human traffickers. That’s not a good thing. There’s also the problem of we sort of allow people in with no skills, no ability to make a living, and they fall into that trap of depending on government support.”

Huckabee, who left Fox News to focus on making a decision about a presidential race, has recently been producing videos on specific topics, including on Islamic terrorism and unemployment.


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